European Furniture Curator since 2004

OROA GROUP is a distributor and reseller for several European home furniture, lighting and accessories brands. OROA GROUP has an assortment of luxury brand collections that sells and ships worldwide. We partner with many European brands  to bring an innovative look to your interiors. 

OROA GROUP has offices in Miami, Paris and Amsterdam. We strive to bring inclusivity to the furniture industry so that there is more options on the market for American and European furniture lovers alike. 

OROA GROUP is managing several websites:

oroa.com, dutchfurniture.com and meubleluxe.fr. We are soon launching: furnituretherapy.com,  woodfurniture.com and therackcompany.com.

Brands such as: Eichholtz, Zuiver, Label51, De Eeckhoorn, Eleonora, Woood, Higold, Ethnicraft, Mater, Ton, Silk-ka, Pols Potten, Julia Grup, Tikamoon, Wireworks, etc...



The OROA GROUP partners up with luxury hotel chains worldwide to bring an established and well-designed theme to the interiors that is also accommodating for guests. 


Our goal is to bring a fresh and unique look to your space, so we work with over 10,000 designers and design professionals to achieve this goal. 


With a strong relationship with most procurement companies, we seek to satisfy hospitality and commercial projects.


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